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Bangladesh Betar is the largest electronic medium in the country. It started broadcasting on 16 December 1939 as All India Radio at Nazimuddin Road, old part of present Dhaka City. Later on in 1962 the radio station was shifted to Shahbag at its own house. In 1971, radio changed its role as a propaganda machine and emerged as a front to assist the nation to achieve the independence. With the historic declaration of independence on March 26, 1971 the ‘Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra’ started functioning playing vital role in broadcasting motivational programmes and championing the cause of liberation war. Radio Bangladesh started function from all the stations since Bangladesh victory on 16 December, 1971. In 1976 Radio Bangladesh installed 1000 KW transmitting station at Dhamrai, Dhaka. On 30 July, 1983 Dhaka Broadcasting House was shifted to National Broadcasting House at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar in the city and the former Broadcasting House at Shahbagh turned into Head Office of Bangladesh Betar.


Bangladesh Betar Barisal inaugurated its broadcasting in 1999. It's broadcasting  various programs and its types are:

Special Programmes on Socio-economic Development:

Betar is a state owned organization dedicated to the well being of the mass population. To serve the people rather than making profit is the aim of this organization. Bangladesh Betar moves forward with the vision to accelerate development in every sector of the nation. Earlier the government development strategy was in the form of 5-year plan. Now under the MDG (Millennium Development Goal) of UN Bangladesh Government has already formulated PRSP (Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper). PRSP of Bangladesh is a nationwide, country-owned & result oriented document. It has been prepared through broad based participatory process involving civil societies and development partners from every corner. It focuses the areas related to public interest.


a. Role of Bangladesh Betar in eradicating poverty:

Betar was earlier known as the medium of entertainment, education and information. Now a days it is not only limited to these roles. Betar has become a potential tool of development . At this moment BB has 12 regional stations and 6 different units. Various entertainment and development programs are produced to aware and motivate people. In those programmes special emphasis is given towards development activities.Thus our broadcasting organisation moves towards the area of Public Service Broadcasting (PSB). Role of Bangladesh Betar in development issues as well as in protecting public values is reflected in its different activities.


b.  Programmes creating employment opportunities:

One of the main obstacles to eradicate poverty is unemployment. Betar as development media disseminates information regarding employment opportunities. Starting from the grass root level it provides message for different groups. In order to cope with the poverty alleviation strategy of the government, Bangladesh Betar provides supportive information on micro-credits. Bangladesh Betar provides the necessary advice to ensure the availability of micro-credit to the common people. Now it works with different development partners to make mass people informative regarding job opportunities.


c. Community based programs:

With a view to communicating directly with the mass people beyond the walls of the studios, BB arranges out door programs in different districts throughout the country. One of such community-based programme is broadcasted for the farmer community with the help of FAO. Some other community programmes include the tribal people.